August 31, 2010

What does THAT mean??

When shopping for window coverings you can sometimes get bogged down in the terminology. Here are some common terms you may have heard or seen and wondered about.

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TDBU- Acronym for Top-Down/Bottom-Up. Shades operate from the top and the bottom; a great option when you want to allow light in, but keep your privacy, available for a variety of shade styles (See right)

LiteRise- Hunter Douglas' name for their cordless system. Available on a number of different shade styles, offers ease of use and child/pet safety.

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Screen shade or Sheerweave- These refer to a popular type of shade fabric, which allows you to see out while blocking most of the sun. Most often used in a roller type shade, there are different levels of opacity, as well as a variety of colors and textures. At night, however, privacy is not complete. (See left)

Inside or Outside Mount- Every shade is mounted as one of these. Inside Mount means you are going to hang the shade within the frame of the window. Outside Mount means you will hang the blind on the face of the window, either on the trim or the wall above.

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Silhouette- A Hunter Douglas signature shade characterized by soft S-shaped vanes suspended between sheer fabrics, they are quite unique. Diffusing harsh sunlight and maintaining your view when tilted open and offering total privacy when closed. (See right)

Vertical vs. Horizontal- When we're talking blinds, these refer to how the slats or louvers are oriented. For instance, a Vertical blind is vertical because its vanes or louvers hang 'up & down'. A mini blind or 'venetian' is horizontal because the slats sit 'on the horizon'.

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