February 09, 2014

Adding Window Treatments to Patio & Garden Doors

One of the questions we hear very often is "I have a patio door, what do I put on that?" The good news is, there are a number of options.
First things first- is your door a sliding door, or a pair of French/hinged doors that swing open? Hinged doors allow for mounting directly on the doors, covering just the glass portions. Sliding doors require alternate treatments that cover their larger glass areas.

Vignette roman shades

Sliding Doors:
There are a great number of shade styles that most people don't first consider for sliding doors. Most often for these styles, an individual shade is mounted above each section of the door.

Silhouette shadings

This arrangement allows for the two sides to be operated independently, for greater flexibility in controlling light & privacy.  Mounting this way leaves your options wide open to all types of shade styles, from Silhouette to Duette to Vignette and more.

Luminette with decorative rod
Many people like the idea of a vertical treatment that can slide to one side, out of the way. Traditional vertical blinds are still an economical and versatile option, with many great options and materials to choose from.
If traditional verticals aren't for you, a great many other options are available! Luminette Privacy sheers combine the elegant look of drapery sheers with tilting vanes for privacy and sun control.
Vignette Traversed shades
Both Vignette roman shades and Duette honeycomb shades are available as vertically-oriented gliding shades.
Provenance Woven Wood shades offer wonderful organic textures, available in a drapery-style traversing treatment.

Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding panels are a streamlined treatment available in sheer to opaque fabrics, a great choice for a sleek, clean look.
Skyline Gliding Panels

Hinged /French Doors:
In some ways, hinged doors can be easier to work with. Because you can mount shades right on the door itself, there's no worry about opening or closing the door- the shade moves with the door. 
On hinged doors popular choices are often fairly slim, so they don't project off the door too much. Cordless is also a great feature for doors, eliminating swinging or dangling cords.

Vignette Tiered cordless romans
Duette 'Duolite' shades
Duette honeycomb shades and Vignette Tiered roman shades are two styles that are both low-profile, and are available with LiteRise cordless.

Silhouette shades are another great choice for French doors, offering additional light and privacy variations.
via irepairhome.com
Drapery can be a fantastic addition to a patio or garden door, either as the sole treatment or in combination with shades. A treatment with both shades and drapery will allow you to maintain the look you desire with the drapery while using the more easily adjusted shades to control your light and privacy.
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