April 08, 2014

What's New for Spring 2014!

Every spring Hunter Douglas refreshes their window shade offerings, introducing innovative new options and exciting fabrics in keeping with the latest trends.
Spring 2014 brings us new fabrics and expanded color palettes for Silhouette, Vignette, Applause, Designer Rollers and more... Solera, a brand-new style of shade... enhanced design & operation options for Parkland Wood blinds.

Stunning new fabrics have been added to the Silhouette and Alustra Silhouette collections, including Myst, French Linen, Monaco and Mystere. Color selections for several favored fabrics have been refreshed to embrace current trends, with classic style to last. A navy blue called 'Starry Night' has been added to the Matisse Collection and is just fantastic.

Silhouette window shadings

Also of note for Silhouette is the introduction of 'UltraGlide 2', an enhanced variation on the very popular retractable cord system. Watch this video to see in action.

Solera soft shades

Introducing Solera Soft Shades- Combining the ease & efficiency of cellular shades with the soft draping look of roman shades.

Available light-filtering or room-darkening in a wide selection of fabrics and colors, and with all the convenient operating systems you expect from Hunter Douglas.

Designer Roller shades

Designer Roller shades have also undergone a transformation: a select few past favorites remain, but dozens of fresh new fabrics have been added. Wonderful new sheens, textures and patterns from elegant to earthy.

Exciting enhancements in Parkland Wood blinds and Applause honeycomb shades include the UltraGlide retractable cord system now available, as well as expanded Applause fabric choices and Parkland decorative hardware upgrades.

Applause also introduces the first anti-microbial honeycomb fabric, 'Venue' with MicroShield.

All these and more are ready to view at Bruton's. Stop by today to discuss the perfect window treatments for you!

March 10, 2014

Motorized & Remote Control shades and blinds

While reactions vary to the mention of remote controlled or motorized window treatments, most people's first thought goes to "extravagant"
... or something along that line.
But the fact is there are practical reasons to consider powered shades, in addition to the simple, wireless installation and attractive pricing.

Difficult to reach windows
Duette SkyRise

There are many conditions that could fall under the description of 
"difficult to reach":
  • Tall or high-up windows
  • Skylights
  • Windows obstructed by furniture or fixtures (corner bathtub, anyone?)
  • Disability or limited mobility concerns
All these conditions can make it awkward, if not impossible to get the most out of your windows.

    Quantity of windows
    A bank of several windows in a room adds openness and light; but when you want more privacy or a bit less light, the thought of adjusting each shade individually can seem like a chore.

    PowerRise shades allow you to control just one, or all shades at once at the touch of a button. Shades can be programmed into fully customized groups as well, to best suit your needs. If you habitually prefer to keep your shades at a certain height, you can easily "teach" your shades to stop at that point each time they're raised.

    Luminette with coordinating Silhouette above

    Extra-wide windows or doors
    Just as with a large quantity of windows, large shades on very wide doors and windows can be cumbersome to operate.

    Safety concerns
    PowerRise shades eliminate dangling lift cords or loops, for child and pet safety.

    Experience the ease and convenience of operating shades with PowerRise, PowerGlide or PowerTilt for yourself: visit Bruton's to try out the various options on display in-store.

    February 09, 2014

    Adding Window Treatments to Patio & Garden Doors

    One of the questions we hear very often is "I have a patio door, what do I put on that?" The good news is, there are a number of options.
    First things first- is your door a sliding door, or a pair of French/hinged doors that swing open? Hinged doors allow for mounting directly on the doors, covering just the glass portions. Sliding doors require alternate treatments that cover their larger glass areas.

    Vignette roman shades

    Sliding Doors:
    There are a great number of shade styles that most people don't first consider for sliding doors. Most often for these styles, an individual shade is mounted above each section of the door.

    Silhouette shadings

    This arrangement allows for the two sides to be operated independently, for greater flexibility in controlling light & privacy.  Mounting this way leaves your options wide open to all types of shade styles, from Silhouette to Duette to Vignette and more.

    Luminette with decorative rod
    Many people like the idea of a vertical treatment that can slide to one side, out of the way. Traditional vertical blinds are still an economical and versatile option, with many great options and materials to choose from.
    If traditional verticals aren't for you, a great many other options are available! Luminette Privacy sheers combine the elegant look of drapery sheers with tilting vanes for privacy and sun control.
    Vignette Traversed shades
    Both Vignette roman shades and Duette honeycomb shades are available as vertically-oriented gliding shades.
    Provenance Woven Wood shades offer wonderful organic textures, available in a drapery-style traversing treatment.

    Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding panels are a streamlined treatment available in sheer to opaque fabrics, a great choice for a sleek, clean look.
    Skyline Gliding Panels

    Hinged /French Doors:
    In some ways, hinged doors can be easier to work with. Because you can mount shades right on the door itself, there's no worry about opening or closing the door- the shade moves with the door. 
    On hinged doors popular choices are often fairly slim, so they don't project off the door too much. Cordless is also a great feature for doors, eliminating swinging or dangling cords.

    Vignette Tiered cordless romans
    Duette 'Duolite' shades
    Duette honeycomb shades and Vignette Tiered roman shades are two styles that are both low-profile, and are available with LiteRise cordless.

    Silhouette shades are another great choice for French doors, offering additional light and privacy variations.
    via irepairhome.com
    Drapery can be a fantastic addition to a patio or garden door, either as the sole treatment or in combination with shades. A treatment with both shades and drapery will allow you to maintain the look you desire with the drapery while using the more easily adjusted shades to control your light and privacy.
    Check out some additional photos on Houzz.com for inspiration!

    January 25, 2014

    Para 2014 Color Trends- Is there such a thing as sophisticated warm fuzzies?

    PARA introduces the 2014 Colour Trends Passport- 
    Four colour collections that incorporate 5 evocative hues: #1: Beach House, #2: Island Escape, #3: Urban Vibe and #4:  Northern Retreat

    Collection #4 - NORTHERN RETREAT
    Last but definitely not least in our series of posts on the new Para Trends collections, a selection of warm shades infused with memories of cozy sweaters, Muskoka cottages, cedar and Canadian Shield granite.

    Drop into the store to pick up these and many other shades on a large-scale, 3.5" x 8" sample chip!

    Stay warm,

    January 24, 2014

    Para 2014 Colour Trends Passport #3- Urban Vibe

    PARA introduces the 2014 Colour Trends Passport- 
    Four colour collections that incorporate 5 evocative hues: #1: Beach House, #2: Island Escape, #3: Urban Vibe and #4:  Northern Retreat

    Collection #3 - URBAN VIBE

    Energetic & youthful hues pop alongside brilliant white; An eclectic collection that is enhanced by traditional textures- brick, stone, wood- as well as sleek modern finishes- glass, steel, acrylic.

    Drop into the store to pick up these and many other shades on a large-scale, 3.5" x 8" sample chip!

    Stay warm,

    January 22, 2014

    Island Escape: New 2014 paint collection, or weekend plans?

    PARA introduces the 2014 Colour Trends Passport- 
    Four colour collections that incorporate 5 evocative hues: #1: Beach House, #2: Island Escape, #3: Urban Vibe and #4:  Northern Retreat

    Continuing the theme of attempting to warm things up with beachy color collections- when will this 'Polar Vortex' leave? I think it's worn out its welcome...

    Collection #2 - ISLAND ESCAPE 
    Tropical inspiration- sunny, vivid floral shades are grounded by soft creams and an absolutely gorgeous deep Caribbean teal.

    Once again I'll point out that these digital representations are inadequate to show the true depth of these great hues, particularly the teal, 'Tahitian Pearl', PF64. 

    This incredible shade would be fantastic to dress up an older piece of furniture as a stunning accent. It would also look great alongside creams, paired with reds or olive tones.
    Drop into the store to pick up a 'Tahitian Pearl' chip, and you'll see for yourself! 

    The Island Escape Collection and many other shades are available on  large scale sample chips- a full 3.5" x 8"

    Stay warm!

    January 21, 2014

    2014 Colour Trends- Creative, Colourful and Inspiring

    PARA introduces the 2014 Colour Trends Passport- 
    Four colour collections that incorporate 5 evocative hues: #1: Beach House, #2: Island Escape, #3: Urban Vibe and #4:  Northern Retreat

    Collection #1 - BEACH HOUSE 

    Inspired by seaside memories, sunny & summery hues 
    relax alongside deep ocean blues.
    Currently it's about -20 here at the store- thinking of beaches and warm breezes helps (a little, not nearly enough! )

    My digital "paint blobs" don't quite do these shades justice so be sure to visit the store to have a look at the chips for these Beach House colours!

    We'll focus on the other three great collections over the next few days so stay tuned!