October 03, 2013

Autumn Inspiration

Fall is a wonderful time for decorating your home, inside or out- There's such a vast array of fantastic colors to explore....

Be inspired by the hues of changing leaves, crackling fires, harvest goods and contrasting skies. Fall decor is full of layered shades and textures, with subtle nuances as well as intense contrasts.


At right: the natural pumpkin texture is enhanced with the addition of metal tacks in graphic patterns. The mirror and metallic candle-holders add shine and polish to the arrangement.

You don't need to repaint to bring elements of Fall, but Autumn-inspired paint colors can be truly fantastic!


At left: Pumpkin and Plum paint combine to create a great, dramatic room with lots of warmth. The ceiling medallion and wall art add an exotic feel.

Check out Para Paints' 'Quilted Bag' p5125-52D  and 'Romantically Regal' p5145-85 for a similar look.


Wheat, grasses, fruits, nuts and of course leaves make wonderful decor when combined in interesting ways...

Love this punchbowl!         via

fall decor home warm blanket decorative pillow leaf print

Add cozy throws in leafy hues for warmth, incorporate cushions with Fall-inspired themes and colors to change the feel of your rooms with less commitment.

Changing up your art can also be a great and relatively easy way to add
seasonal touches...
Framed leaves and twigs, a thoughtful quote, be creative!


April 02, 2013

Nantucket with LiteRise cordless- FREE UPGRADE!

That's right, LiteRise cordless operation is now available with Hunter Douglas Nantucket shadings!

The easy to use system eliminates cords for a clean uncluttered appearance, and enhances safety for children and pets. Use the tab on the bottom of the shade to raise, lower and tilt open or closed.  Nantucket shadings  gently diffuse harsh sunlight when tilted open, privacy and added sun protection when tilted closed.

You can take advantage of a free upgrade to the LiteRise system from April 2 to June 14, 2013.
Call Bruton's for more details.
Nantucket LiteRise Promo Poster
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March 12, 2013

Architella shades can save you money!

Duette Architella honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas are specially designed to provide extra layers of air space between your windows and your room. These pockets of air provide insulation against winter's chill, and summer's heat, translating into savings on heating and air conditioning costs.