March 04, 2012


Hunter Douglas offers the classic beauty of shutters enhanced with the durability and convenience of polysatin. 

Summerwind custom shutters provide superior sun protection, light control and privacy. Three louver width choices create an opportunity for stunning design- Go big & bold with 4 1/2" louvers, try cozy  cottage chic with 2 1/2" louvers, or enjoy traditional 'Plantation' or 'California' style shutters with the very popular 3 1/2" louver size.

Four subtle shades complement any decor; Snow, Antique, Pearl and Irish Cream.

Made from uniquely formulated UV-resistant polysatin compounds , they are engineered to easily handle the most demanding performance requirements without warping, fading, peeling or chipping. 

The smooth, durable finishes are easy to care for; simple dusting and wiping with mild detergents will keep shutters looking new for many years.

The resilient material makes shutters a natural choice for areas where humidity, moisture and cleaning are a common occurrence, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas.

Additional design options include such details as:
Traditional tilt rods vs. Clearlight (no visible tilt rod). Traditionally shutters have a vertical rod or bar on the front of the panel which connects all the louvers, allowing them to tilt simultaneously when the rod is shifted up or down. This tilt rod is most often centered on the front of each shutter panel, and offers a 'cottage-y', quaint look. The Clearlight option eliminates this rod, by connecting the louvers unobtrusively on the rear of the shutter, at the side. The connecting components are virtually invisible from the front of the shutter, and you simply grasp a louver to tilt them all.

Split tilt. With either the tilt rod or Clearlight option, splitting the tilt is possible. This means that the top and bottom of the shutter can tilt independently of one another. The split can be located halfway up, or wherever desire. A great option for enhanced privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms, you can shut the lower half but tilt the upper portion open for light & view.

To find out if shutters are the right choice for you, 
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