March 12, 2013

Architella shades can save you money!

Duette Architella honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas are specially designed to provide extra layers of air space between your windows and your room. These pockets of air provide insulation against winter's chill, and summer's heat, translating into savings on heating and air conditioning costs.

Showing areas of greatest heat loss, as well as a comparison.

These beautiful shades are available in a huge variety of fabric textures and colors, from eco-conscious 'Batiste' Bamboo linen, to soft, subtle  'Panache', and with blackout room-darkening also.

Options such as Top-Down/Bottom-Up, cordless, Duolite, Vertiglide and more make Duette Architella shades extremely versatile.
There's still time to take advantage

Ends April 30, 2013- 

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