March 10, 2014

Motorized & Remote Control shades and blinds

While reactions vary to the mention of remote controlled or motorized window treatments, most people's first thought goes to "extravagant"
... or something along that line.
But the fact is there are practical reasons to consider powered shades, in addition to the simple, wireless installation and attractive pricing.

Difficult to reach windows
Duette SkyRise

There are many conditions that could fall under the description of 
"difficult to reach":
  • Tall or high-up windows
  • Skylights
  • Windows obstructed by furniture or fixtures (corner bathtub, anyone?)
  • Disability or limited mobility concerns
All these conditions can make it awkward, if not impossible to get the most out of your windows.

    Quantity of windows
    A bank of several windows in a room adds openness and light; but when you want more privacy or a bit less light, the thought of adjusting each shade individually can seem like a chore.

    PowerRise shades allow you to control just one, or all shades at once at the touch of a button. Shades can be programmed into fully customized groups as well, to best suit your needs. If you habitually prefer to keep your shades at a certain height, you can easily "teach" your shades to stop at that point each time they're raised.

    Luminette with coordinating Silhouette above

    Extra-wide windows or doors
    Just as with a large quantity of windows, large shades on very wide doors and windows can be cumbersome to operate.

    Safety concerns
    PowerRise shades eliminate dangling lift cords or loops, for child and pet safety.

    Experience the ease and convenience of operating shades with PowerRise, PowerGlide or PowerTilt for yourself: visit Bruton's to try out the various options on display in-store.


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