January 21, 2014

2014 Colour Trends- Creative, Colourful and Inspiring

PARA introduces the 2014 Colour Trends Passport- 
Four colour collections that incorporate 5 evocative hues: #1: Beach House, #2: Island Escape, #3: Urban Vibe and #4:  Northern Retreat

Collection #1 - BEACH HOUSE 

Inspired by seaside memories, sunny & summery hues 
relax alongside deep ocean blues.
Currently it's about -20 here at the store- thinking of beaches and warm breezes helps (a little, not nearly enough! )

My digital "paint blobs" don't quite do these shades justice so be sure to visit the store to have a look at the chips for these Beach House colours!

We'll focus on the other three great collections over the next few days so stay tuned!


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