January 22, 2014

Island Escape: New 2014 paint collection, or weekend plans?

PARA introduces the 2014 Colour Trends Passport- 
Four colour collections that incorporate 5 evocative hues: #1: Beach House, #2: Island Escape, #3: Urban Vibe and #4:  Northern Retreat

Continuing the theme of attempting to warm things up with beachy color collections- when will this 'Polar Vortex' leave? I think it's worn out its welcome...

Collection #2 - ISLAND ESCAPE 
Tropical inspiration- sunny, vivid floral shades are grounded by soft creams and an absolutely gorgeous deep Caribbean teal.

Once again I'll point out that these digital representations are inadequate to show the true depth of these great hues, particularly the teal, 'Tahitian Pearl', PF64. 

This incredible shade would be fantastic to dress up an older piece of furniture as a stunning accent. It would also look great alongside creams, paired with reds or olive tones.
Drop into the store to pick up a 'Tahitian Pearl' chip, and you'll see for yourself! 

The Island Escape Collection and many other shades are available on  large scale sample chips- a full 3.5" x 8"

Stay warm!

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